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 SAR Princesse Mishael BINT FAYSAL AL-SAUD

 Mme. Nadia BEY
 Mme. Fadila Mehal
 Mme. l'ambassadrice Fadia AL-BITAR
 Mme. Yamina BENGUIGUI
 Mme. Ginette BLOTIERRE
 Mme. Daina CHAVIANO
 Mme. Gabrielle MASS
 Mme. Wendy GUERRA
 M. Anthony CHASE
 M. Pascal GENTIL

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Mabrook.Well done.                                                                                                    HRH Prince Turki Al-Faisal

Gracias Latifa, estoy en La Habana. Besos a tu mami y a tu abuelita.Las quiero mucho.
Wendy Guerra

Muy lindo lo de You Tube. Lo he visto. Lo voy a poner en mi blog.
William Navarrete

Many thanks for sharing with your wonderful project!!!!
I wish you all the best and a lot of success!!!
“Oui nous devons” c’est indéniable!!!
Kind regards,
Feddal Schéhérazade

You make your parents very proud with your beauty and your intelligence.


Congratu lations !  LATIFA
Anne de Champigneul
International Luxury Consulting 

Que le Tout-Puissant en Amour bénisse vos entreprises au service de la paix!
Avec ma prière depuis la Cite trois fois sainte,

Olivier Thomas 

Merci melle et bon courage

Dr. Saleh B. Altayar Cette adresse email est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.  

Bravo chère Latifa Bon courage ! Amitiés

Fiammetta  Venner  

Bonjour Latifa,
Félicitation pour cette idée originale, je serai parmi les premires personnes a adhérer dans ce projet.
Je souhaiterai également a participé dans cet évènement.
Actuellement j'anime un atelier de création pour des femme de quartier dans une association. Bon courage.
Aïcha Berro Kherrouri

I am so pleased to receive your emailed link to what I truly believe is a unique concept and an innovative unique medium of communication. Your video caught my attention from the offset with your slogan YES WE MUST... inspiring and extremely powerful.
With your permission, I have already forwarded your link to some of my dearest friends and colleagues who are equally interested in art & culture, corporate social responsibility initiatives, international events, Arab women leadership and business women forums for their awareness, kind consideration and further circulation.
I support your goal and wish you all the best in your personal endeavors.
Hala Hamza

I am so happy that you sent me this message I am so proud of you ! God Bless you
Kahina Melchane
American Hospital

Thank you thank you so much for that link, I am proud of that association and the thought are so important nowadays: all about the living together and the peace.

Joelle Missir  

Merci, chère Latifa, pour l'envoi de ton actualité que j'ai pu suivre  sur youtube.
Bonne chance pour LLLS!
Bien cordialement,
Alice de Chirac

Tu devrais envoyer ce lien à tout le monde : évènement prévu en janvier 2010 pourrait en intéresser beaucoup. 

CordialementSophia Ammad

Présidente de l'association Au Bonheur des Femmes 

Latifa— Congratulations!  It is wonderful to see you moving forward, and I’d enjoy hearing about your plans.  Please let me know when you have a firm date for your event. 

Cheers!Daniel K. Marquardt

I'm really feel happy for you, wish you all the best & good luck. Hope we meet soon and cooperate in any things do you need.

Gassan Adboulwahab 

Yes, we must  work together in order to succeed, Yes, we must be one hand in order to succeed.. Yes, we must be closer than distance is showing, using the modern technology in communication and so on. Art is one of the ways to Combines each other even thou we have deferent language and place
I join my voice to you and from all my heart I want to say that art is the perfect gateway to use for our purposes humanities

I would like to thank you Latifa for making me involved in this wonderful initiative, I hope you all the best and really I would like to do something making me not only observer

Mustafa M AlkhalifaKSA Dammam 

Masha' Allah a3leiky. Keep it up!

Ghassan Kfoury 

صراحة الجملة عظيمة لأن القدرة على التغيير موجود و لكن الشعور بالاصرار على التغيير الايجابي غير كائن عند الجميع...أحييكم على هذه البادرة الجبارة.. و هذه هي جملتي

YES WE MUST be proud of our Saudi & Arab cultures but we also must learn more about the cultures in the world so we can be more open to difference, this way there will be peace in the world! Sara Walid, 27yrs old, Jeddah 

YES WE MUST appreciate all different cultures regardless their beleives, thoughts, color, and gender so that we can understand various culture and live in peace! so YES WE MUST!.... Dina, 25yrs old,Amman, Jordan














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